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Terms & Conditions

Buyer Agrees;
1. to accept that all auction bids are binding and cannot be retracted.
2. to be liable for all Sales and Use Tax and/or provide an applicable Certificate of Exemption.
3. to pay a Buyers Premium Fee as described in Terms and Fees for each piece of purchased equipment.


to remit full payment for purchased equipment in the amount of the auction closing price, Sales Tax (where applicable) and the Buyers Premium Fee by certified check from a U.S. bank or wire transfer within three (3) business days after the auction closes (wire transfers required for buyers outside the U.S.). Upon receipt of full payment the buyer will be provided with the location of the equipment.
5. to note a transportation selection on the web site prior to picking-up the equipment.
6. to remove the equipment from Seller's premises no later than eight (8) business days after the auction closes and that after thirty (30) days the equipment may be deemed abandoned and re-sold.
7. to be responsible for all title registration, freight and transportation costs related to transporting from the equipment location. Unless otherwise noted, all equipment is FOB Norristown PA 19401.
8. that constructive receipt of the equipment can occur prior to physical delivery of the equipment.
9. in order for a dispute to be considered, it must be submitted in writing within 24 hrs of delivery and prior to constructive receipt occurring.
10. that if Buyer defaults they shall remit a Default Penalty to
11. that equipment sold as "FIELD PULL" means the equipment was active before it was uninstalled. has not tested the equipment to see if it is good or bad. The buyer assumes full responsibility for the possibility of  "Dead on Arrival" (DOA) equipment unless otherwise stated. is not responsible for DOA units sold as field pull, within reason.
12. that equipment sold "AS IS" implies no warranty of any kind. All sale conditions are final.
Seller Agrees;
1. to sell equipment consigned to a Featured Auction to the highest auction bidder; to sell equipment consigned to an Owner Auction to the highest auction bidder who meets or exceeds Seller's Reserve Price.
2. to be responsible for equipment until removed from Seller's location.
3. to maintain consigned units in the same condition as documented in the listing details and the online inspection report.
4. to provide an accurate and truthful description of the equipment for sale.
5. to provide online photos of the actual equipment being sold not similar items.
6. To provide more detailed information about the equipment for sale at a bidders request.
7. to allow access to equipment designated for inspection and provide a qualified operator.
8. not to pull equipment from an auction to "sell it on the side" or for any other reason. A seller doing so will have to pay a penalty fee.
.9. to pay all commissions and fees according to's fee schedules.
10. to make equipment available for transportation to Buyer prior to Seller payment and no later than one (1) business day after the auction.
to accept final payment equal to the auction closing price, less commissions & fees, within two (2) business days after constructive receipt of equipment by Buyer.
12.. not to engage in shill bidding or have anyone else bid on Seller's behalf.